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COURSE OFFERINGS - The Nautical Institute is planning professional short courses in Vancouver:

  1. 16-17 September 2019, Navigation Assessor, Registration now Open!
  2. 18-19 September 2019, Assessing Behavioural Competence Onboard, Registration Opening Soon... 

These courses are not coordinated by the branch, please contact the Nautical Institute directly for more information


The Evolution of Equality and Inclusion in the Maritime Profession - A Master Mariners of Canada Symposium

Join the Master Mariners of Canada at the University of Ottawa, 3 October 2019:

  • Unconscious Bias Session
  • Junior Officer Panel (education themed)
  • Senior Officer Panel (equity success stories)
  • The Maritime Profession and Government Organizations (equality and inclusion success stories)
  • Industry Spotlight/Showcase (equality and inclusion insight, forward thinking)

See the PDF WIM_SymposiumP_7July2019 under Downloads for more information. 

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